Portrait Photography

Portrait photography fits broadly into two categories, Commercial Portraiture and Social Portraiture and many other subsections. But in portrait photography the important factor is the bond between the client and the photographer. We have a reputation for putting our subjects totally at ease and making the portrait session a pleasant and rewarding experience.

We are equally at home with a time pressed CEO for an Executive Portrait, a highend fashion model with twenty garments to shoot for a new collection release or a busy musician with a new CD in the can ready to hit the record shop shelves.

We pride ourselves in our ability to match our decades of experience in Studio or Location portraiture to the ever changing styles and needs of all our clients. Most of our portrait clients have continued to use our services all through their business lives.

Where we differ from most other studios is our in-house ability to generate stunning backgrounds and superimpose subjects digitally to create amazing scenes that wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

This gallery is a broad look at the many varieties of people pictures that we have been involved with recently and since we are primarily "people" people we welcome any challenge.